The Robert Dallons Branch
of the Dallons Family Genealogy

Robert & Faye 2002

This is Robert's branch of the Dallons Family Genealogy.
Robert and Faye Fleming met and married in 1969 in Crestview, 
Florida where Robert was serving in the US Air Force. 
They have raised three children, Melinda, Andrew and

Faye went to be with Jesus in February of 2021.
Robert, retired from Scaled Composites where he worked in Aircraft Electronics
Engineering and IT Security Management. His Resume is here. His hobbies 
include fishing, model aircraft, and Amature Radio (KM4VKY).
Check out the newly revised site. Contains history and photos
of the Willis and Sue Dallons branch of the Dallons Family Tree.


This web site will include links to our children's pages and Robert's political ramblings. All stuff guaranteed to bore you death. Check out FHS Class of '64 and historical pages at, Also online are videos of our early life and our 40th aniversary trip to Ireland.

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Robert W. Dallons
b. 25 Nov.1946 Hollywood CA
 Willis Dallons
Suzanne Dallons
Cousins ??

Faye Dallons
b. 9 Aug 1945 Laurel Hill, FL
d. 23 Feb 2021, Fort Walton Beach, FL

 Dewitt Fleming
Orene Madden


Married: 4 June 1969 in Crestview, FL

 Melinda Elaine Parker

b. 5 Aug 1964

Crestview, FL

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 Andrew Lee Dallons

b 1 Aug 1971

Bakersfield, CA

 Jennifer Lyn Heaton

b. 18 Nov 1976

Fort Walton Beach, FL


 Christopher A.

b. 24 Oct 1995

Bakersfield, CA

Cyric R.

b. 7 July 2015 Fort Walton Beach, FL