This is more of a breakdown on prices on items we sell. Its not a complete listing of everything because they are customized or requested.

Materials in stock:

Dark walnut wood, draftboard (MDF), walnut, cherry, maple, poplar, some white oak and purple heart. Acrylics – white, purple, blue, green, red and black. We have some leather and fabrics of many colors.

Coasters & Christmas Decorations

Materials: Dark walnut wood $17.50, Cut & engrave: $6.50, Setup Design: $5.00 – Total $29.00 for a set of 4

Materials: Acrylic color your choice: $5, Cut & engrave: $6.50, Setup Design: free! Total $12.50 for a set of 4

Single Christmas Decor: Material: Acrylic $5 Cut & engrave: $6.50, setup design: Free! Set of 4 – $12.50

Pair of Earrings

$15.00 Wood of your choice, $10 Acrylic

Custom Engraved Pet Tombstone

It is a very sad day indeed when we lose a beloved pet. Please ask, this varies upon the inscription and if we supply the granite. If a person brings us the granite, price is just for the engraving.

SCA Related Items

Lucets – These are sanded and stained in different cut designs. Basic plain cut: $8.00 For a custom design of your choice: $10.00 Give us an idea and we can do our best! Could be Celtic or with a dragon, maybe hearts?

Inkle Looms – We build looms layer by layer just like building a cake. They get sanded down and stained. They take time to build and put together with TLC. A mini loom 10.5″ by 18″ in your choice of wood will cost about $80. For a 11.5″ by 32″ Loom $140

Fancy Illuminations – These can be done on wood or acrylic. A rough estimate starts around $15 and up.

Site Tokens – Varies upon material and how many. Ballpark price per token single sided engrave, $.50. Double sided engrave $1.00