Dallons Videos

Reel 1 – John and Ethel Dallons family 1930s – 1940s.

Reel 2 – John and Ethel Dallons, continuing. Will and Suzanne Dallons wedding at end.

Reel 3 – Victor and Agnus Dallons family, 1950s.

Part of Reel 4 – Sue & Will, Nana and Lee, 1940s

Full Reel 4 – Sue & Will, Will in service in Arizona. 1940s

Reel 5 – Victor and Agnes Dallons Family including Don and Marjorie, Pat, Linda, Willis and Sue, James and Eloise and baby Robert. 1946 – 1947

MyMy – Dedication to Foothill High School Class of 1964

Disneyland – Chris’s birthday trip to Disneyland