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Many have sent us information about their parts of the family and we are grateful. We especially thank the following. Our son Victor started it all by sorting some old postcards and listing names of relatives. His questions started us on our quest. He also checked our efforts and gently called our attention to errors that crept in. His wife, Naomi, graciously edited our writing. Our eldest son Robert set up the program to produce the charts, produced this web site and always had the answers when it came to computer problems.

Thanks also to Margie Hebrew in Omaha, Nebraska, for me use of the Slipke family photo album where we found many clues to that branch of the family, and to Loretta (Carl) Brand of Colwich, Kansas, who found very valuable records on the Slipke, Magette, and Meurisse families. Without her help, we would know little about these relatives.

Willis & Sue Dallons

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This site is a digital copy of our book, “Dallons and Related Families” published by Victor Dallons. The book is no longer available in print. This site also contains links to all the Dallons we could find that have web sites or are in social sites such as Facebook. Please contact us for additions or corrections.