Initial Setup

Coasters range: $14 to 21

Provided Services as Billed for Laser Cutting/Engraving
– $5 Initial Setup Fee Plus 25₵ Per Square Inch
Ex. An LED acrylic light up sign that measures 9” x 5” = 45” Sq =$11.25 plus $5 setup for a total of $16.25 for cutting/engraving.
– The cost of materials will be assessed based on one of two factors
1. Depends on you (the customer) provides the materials or
2. If we (Stagg’s Head) will be providing the materials to be engraved where we will then charge a percentage for our time to locate and acquire the materials. If the materials require a delivery fee these fees will then be added to the cost of the final product.
– We at Stagg’s Head are willing to ship completed Items to customers which will then be mailed out according to current shipping charges.

**Proof of current SCA membership, Rolling Thunder Family and Military affiliations, Stagg’s Head is offering to discount setup fees for any engraving services provided.**