Dallons Family Videos

The first three videos are from 16 mm films that were shot from the early 1930s through roughly 1956.
In 1995 I loaned the collection of films to John Dallons who put them on VHS video tape and added background music. The original films do not have sound.
The tape was duplicated among family members and eventually put on DVD. Andrew Dallons extracted the DVD movie and split it into 3 parts, shown below.
Some of the people on the films are myself (Robert Dallons), Victor Dallons (my brother),
John F. Dallons (my grandfather), Ethel Dallons (my grandmother),
(my mother and father) Suzanne Dallons & Willis Dallons, Lee Dallons Roland (aunt), Bill Roland (uncle), Eloise Dallons Cave (aunt), Marjorie Dallons Hosking (aunt),
cousins Jon and Jerry Dallons, Pat and Linda Hosking, Larry Cave and a number of other relatives who I do not remember or barely recognize.

28 minutes
54 minutes
50 minutes

Disneyland 2008

This is a collection of short film clips taken at Disneyland in California in October 2008 where we took Chris for his 13th birthday.
The music is the Electric Light Parade theme performed on my Casio keyboard.

  55 minutestes

My My Just for fun
This short video was done as an experiment to see how usefull Windows Movie Maker is. Also a tribute to my High School Class of 1964.

  52:57 minutestes

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